Own The Best Moments From UFC Icons

Own The Best Moments
From UFC Icons


UFC Strike is a whole new way to connect with your favorite fighters.

Collect the most iconic video highlights from the biggest (and most notorious) fighters from UFC. UFC Strike allows fans to express their fandom like never before with fully licensed UFC video NFTs.

  • Collect iconic Moments from the fighters you love.
  • Complete challenges to obtain new moments, unavailable in packs.
  • Get rewarded with real-life prizes such as merch and UFC event tickets

You can learn more about the current moment tiers and rarities in our blog post - UFC Strike: In The Details

What Is A UFC Strike Moment NFT?

UFC STrike Moment NFTs are unique, limited edition NFTs of the most iconic video highlights of Moments straight from the action in the Octagon.

Moments come in different rarities:

  • Fandom: Uncapped
  • Contender: 5,000 to 25,000
  • Challenger: 250 to 2,500
  • Champion: 25 to 99
  • UItimate: 1 to 10

You can learn more about the current moment tiers and rarities in our blog post - UFC Strike 101: Beginner Basics

Premier Experience: UFC STRIKE NFT Champion Club

The Champion Club is the pinnacle of the UFC Strike experience & gives you real-life benefits.

Membership in the Champion Club includes exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Exclusive Lounges at select UFC events
  • Limited Edition Merchandise
  • UFC Fight Pass Membership
  • Quarterly Airdrops
  • Private Discord Channel
  • VIP Experiences for select Champion Club Members

All you need is one Champion Moment to join the club.

Start Your Collection Today

Grow your collection by purchasing packs and individual Moment NFTs on the UFC STRIKE marketplace.

UFC Strike enables you to be able to create a digital collection of the most iconic UFC Moments and Athletes.

Test your luck with limited run pack drops or buy moments from other collectors on the UFC Strike Marketplace. Buy and sell UFC Strike Moment NFTs instantly on a 24/7 online marketplace.

UFC Strike - Own The Glory

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